Join NCT as a sponsor or exhibitor

NCT Consultants is not your typical event organizer. Our events and workshops are tailor-made and respond to the highest quality standards. We are dedicated to serving the CBRNe community in providing platforms with value by listening to the needs of our customers. That’s why we call ourselves consultants; we deliver specifically what our customers have asked for and each booking gives you one hour of ‘free’ consultancy, during which one of our consultants will prepare the event with you. 

Although the world of CBRNe is changing rapidly, most CBRNe events in 2019 (let’s not compare 2020) were not that different from events in 2000. NCT Consultants aims to be different, and constantly innovates to provide our clients with the best CBRNe events in the world. In 2021, NCT Consultants will launch a number of innovations that will further improve the quality of our events. We constantly look at other industries and sectors to learn, and to apply what could improve the value of our events for you.

Knowledgeable staff

At each event we have a good team of knowledgeable consultants and analysts to support the event. They know the topics and the community and can help you make valuable connections. The conference logistics is done in house, so it is the NCT Consultants Conference Manager who will take care of all your logistical issues. 

Continued support

In the preparation for the event, you will of course look for who you would like to meet, or even try and set meetings in advance. With your booking, you get (indirect) access to the world’s largest database of CBRNe contacts. Just give us a call, and we try and find the contact details of your prospect for you. After the event, you can of course ask us to get you the name and email address of that one person you lost the business card from. 

Tailor made solutions

Although we provide you with many packages to choose from, you can always ask us to provide you with a package that is tailor made for your needs. Just use the packages as an inspiration of what you would like us to do!

Consultancy support included

For all packages, we now include one hour of complimentary consultancy. During this hour, one of our consultants will sit with you (by phone) to go over your goals for the event and how we can best support you. This meeting is used to make a selection of VIPs and procurement holders to be invited.

NCT Sponsoring Opportunities explained

During each NCT Tech Tour session, delegates are given the opportunity to join a one hour tour over the exhibition floor, led by an expert or NCT Consultant.

NCT creates different tours, each focused on a capability such as: detection, PPE or disablement. These topics are based on the inputs of both delegates and those sponsors and exhibitors that wish to join a tour. On the exhibitor form, you indicate the topics you would like to address during the Expo Tour.

Based on the preferences expressed on these forms, and the input from delegates, NCT Consultants sets the focus for the different tours.

Delegates are given the opportunity to join a tour, while exhibitors and sponsors are able to invite targeted clients to join. At the start of the NCT Tech Tour, the tour guide will give a brief introduction to the topic, after which the group of 5-8 end users is brought to the different companies.

The NCT Dinner is a unique networking event that gives you the opportunity to interact with senior CBRNe leaders in an informal setting. While offering a special dining experience, the NCT Dinner allows you to create connections with the top members of your community and expand your network. Being hosted on the first event day, the NCT Dinner sets the stage for fruitful discussions and lasting relationships.

NCT PRO Trainings

After more than 35 successful editions of NCT conferences and NCT nXt workshops worldwide, the CBRNe Society and NCT Consultants have decided to launch a new event type: NCT PRO.  This latest addition to the NCT events consists of trainings for teams of CBRNe, C-IED and EOD responders conducted within a training facility/military base. Teams of professionals will be trained based on their requirements using equipment provided by leading CBRNe, C-IED and EOD companies from all over the world.

The NCT PRO Trainings provide companies with a chance to put the latest equipment in the hands of people who need it most. By allowing customers to experience the equipment in a training session, companies improve their chances of becoming the preferred supplier for any new procurement.

NCT PRO will be hosted both as separate events, and as part of NCT USA, NCT South America and NCT Europe.

Read more on NCT PRO!

COVID19 poses challenges to everyone, including participants and organizers of the NCT events. As a CBRNe Consulting company, terms like PPE are no stranger to us, and we have tried to use our knowledge and experience to provide you with a full NCT experience while maintaining COVID19 related safety measures.

Personal Protective Equipment

The NCT Team recommends you to bring your own PPE, preferably three to four FFP2/(k)N95 masks for each day of the event. The NCT team will have sufficient KN95 masks available (tested and approved by both the NCT Consultants team and a Dutch Laboratory) in case you don’t have a mask. For some areas, we may require you, based on national or other regulations, to wear a mask.

Entry restrictions

Upon entering the NCT event area, you will be asked to agree to the event specific COVID19 measures. These may include filling in or providing a (self) health declaration. NCT staff may measure your temperature. If your health declaration or temperature measurement gives reason, the NCT team may decide to refuse you entrance to the event.

NCT follows WHO and Local regulations

NCT follows both the advice of the WHO, and any regulations that may be in place at the location of the event. Please familiarize yourself with these regulations before travelling to the NCT location. You may be required to provide your full name, home address and contact details for contact tracing in case a COVID19 case is found amongst our participants. 

Walking routes and distance

For certain NCT events, the NCT team may decide to have walking routes and minimum distance rules. Please do not deviate from these rules, since these allow us to host the event for you. If we could have hosted the event without these rules, you can trust us that we would have done so. 

Outside when possible, indoor when suitable

Ventilation is a key in fighting the spread of COVID19. For this reason, we have selected venues with as many activities planned outside as possible. Indoor spaces have been selected for good ventilation and sometimes we have dedicated seating.

Spacious setup, more space for you

NCT events have never been the most cramped exhibitions of the community: NCT is known for space. During the COVID19 period, we will use even more space to give you space to keep a safe distance.