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Saša Obradović

Mr Saša Obradović

Inspector for Internal Control., Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Center
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Saša Obradović was born on December 5, 1976 in Sarajevo. Married, father of two sons. Graduated from the Faculty of Business and Financial Studies, Banja Luka, Graduate in Economics, Finance, Banking and Insurance. On July 7, 2003 started to work at the Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Centre on the position of Mine Risk Education Officer in Sector for Operations. During that period he completed specialist training for: demining, technical survey, demining department leaders, BiH Security Policy Training, mine action after floods, regional crisis response and technology development.

From September 22, 2015 until October 4, 2023 he was director of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Centre where he successfully managed BHMAC for eight years. He also led and participated in the drafting of amendments to the Law on demining in BiH, the drafting of BiH Mine Action Strategy, the project ‘’General Assessment of Mine Situation in BiH’’, as well as the workshop ‘’Linking Mine Action and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals in BiH’’. He is currently at the position of Internal Control Inspector at BHMAC.