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Michal Belšán

Lt. Michal Belšán

Analysis and Informational Support Departments Methodical Support Group Senior Officer, Czech 31st CBRN Defense Regiment

Lieutenant Michal Belšán (born in 1979) is a member of the Analysis and Informational Support Department, established in 2018 as a supplement to the 31st CBRN Defence Regiment staff.

The 31st CBRN Defence Regiment, located in Liberec, The Czech Republic, is dedicated to the development and fulfilment of capabilities related to CBRN Defence and HAZMAT challenges as a main Army asset.

The Analysis and Informational Support Department coordinates and manages development projects on a national level in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence and Land and the Air Corps HQs.  Regarding the department’s activities abroad, they are aimed at developing awareness of the worldwide trends in technology related to CBRN Defence and HAZMAT.

With more than 20 years of professional experience in CBRN Defence discipline, Lt Belšán has served as a specialist and instructor in many positions, from CBRN RECCE to decontamination to Warning and Reporting system, including participation in the ENDURING FREEDOM Operation (Kuwait, 2002) and ISAF (Afghanistan, 2011).

Currently, besides the projects at national level, Lt Belšán also contributes to international training events and NATO Exercises as an Exercise Control member preparing the most realistic scenarios including threat of CBRN agents release.