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Michael Balboni

Mr Michael Balboni

President and Managing Director, Redland Strategies
United States

Former New York State Senator and Deputy Secretary of Public Safety under two New York State Governors, Michael Balboni is the President and Managing Director of RedLand Strategies, a consulting firm, based in New York City, that provides the expertise, experience and contacts necessary to help companies and government agencies position themselves to get through a crisis, improve business performance and maximize growth. RedLand’s suite of services include crisis management, disaster recovery, strategic communication, emergency planning, intelligence interpretation, business development, political guidance and risk management. The former Senator specializes in providing extensive experience in a broad range of homeland security and government relation’s issues. Through strong relationships with key decision makers inside the Department of Homeland Security and with lawmakers and their senior staff, Senator Balboni is able to get the right person for the right meeting with clients, both domestic and international. He sits at the intersection of government relations, crisis management, media strategy and homeland security. Michael Balboni provides advice for companies including but not limited to Oracle, Raytheon, CSX Transportation, Bethpage Federal Credit Union, 3VR Security, FJC Security, MSA Security as well as the County of Nassau, the Town of North Hempstead and the City of Long Beach. In addition, he advises several municipalities on matters ranging from emergency management to mass fatality planning and crime lab operations. Appointed Deputy Secretary for Public Safety in January 2007, Senator Balboni was the Senior Homeland Security and Law Enforcement official for the State of New York.