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NCT USA 2024 will again welcome a large number of American and international delegates.

  • CBRN and EOD operators and commanders 
  • CBRNe policy makers 
  • Senior Defense leaders 
  • Leaders from law enforcement and fire/rescue 
  • Public health professionals 

The past editions welcomed delegations fromUS Army DEVCOM CBC, DTRA, JPEO-CBRND, FEMA, US Army 20th CBRNE Defense Command, National Guard Bureau, USPostal Inspection Service, USAMRICD, USAMRIID, BARDA, CBIRF, Arlington County Fire Department Hazmat Team, Philadelphia Fire Department, Massachusetts Fire Department Hazmat Team, Fairfax County Police EOD Team, Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, US Airforce, National Guard Civil Support Teams, ASPR HHS, DHS, US Department of Energy, NNSA, Chemical Materials Activity, US NORTHCOM, Republic of Korea CBRN Defense Command, Special Police Service Hungary, Miami Dade Fire, Italian 7th Regiment of CBRN Defense Cremona, FBI Los Angeles Field Office, Boston Police Department, Pentagon Force Protection Agency, US EPA, Massachusetts State Police, NYPD and many more.