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Participating in NCT events offers an exclusive opportunity to gain significant exposure and impact within a diverse community of defense experts, government officials, industry influencers, and media representatives.

Through our tailor-made sponsorship packages and interactive experiences, you'll be empowered to motivate, educate, interact, and partner with the key figures shaping the landscape of defense and CBRNe solutions. This marks your unique advantage in the realm of defense and security services.


Become an exhibitor or sponsor

Download Brochure 2024

Download Brochure 2024

By exhibiting or sponsoring at NCT, you gain unparalleled access to a vast network of key stakeholders in the CBRNe and EOD industry. Find out more about the event in the brochure.

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Download Floor Plan 2024

Download Floor Plan 2024

Secure your ideal spot in your preferred show zone before it's gone. Capitalize on the constant stream of attendees, and let your potential customers come directly to you!

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NCT PRO Experience

What is NCT PRO Experience in a nutshell


  • A two-day training component of NCT events.
  • Civil and military first responders train to respond to CBRNe, EOD, C-IED and demining scenarios.
  • Teams train based on their expertise and requirements using equipment provided by leading companies from all over the world.
  • Promotes interoperability, multinational, and multi-agency cooperation.         


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NCT Dragons Pitch

The Dragons Pitch is a concept developed by NCT Consultants and the CBRNe Society with the aim of finding technologies to strengthen America’s CBRNe defense capabilities by scouting novel ideas, new products and state of the art research. The format of the sessions is inspired by the Shark Tank™ television series.

Excellent ideas that match America’s CBRNe military and civilian responders’ needs will be selected for presentation during the Dragons Pitch sessions to a panel of senior leaders from US Federal organizations to discuss potential funding opportunities for their ideas. The end result of all pitches will be feedback and advise from the U.S. Government representatives. Funding by the government cannot be committed by the participation in this event.

The Dragons Pitch sessions are only open for the presenting organizations/laboratories and the Dragons panel.

NCT Tech Tour

The Tech Tour is a tool we have developed to facilitate the promotion of your products to the relevant delegates present at the event. To maximize the benefit of this opportunity, once the tour guide brings the group to you, we recommend the following actions to be taken. 

Step 1: Briefly, introduce yourself and the company to the group. 

Step 2: Start your pitch, make sure to keep it very interactive (a product demonstration is preferred), raise some frequently asked questions to encourage your audience to ask questions for themselves: get the conversation started. Keep in mind you only have 5 minutes (including Q&A), and you want to keep it brief, so they stay interested.  

Step 3: Make sure that you encourage individuals of the group to come back, keep an eye out for the delegates who came by – they are your potential clients. If you don’t remember who stopped by, you can always ask your expo tour guide for some help! 

Become an exhibitor or sponsor

Showcase your company and your innovations at NCT and build networks with international experts. 


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