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NCT PRO Concept

NCT PRO provides a platform to train on the latest threats and to experience state-of-the-art equipment from industry. The scenario-driven training, built on the experiences of trainers who operated in real-world CBRNe hotspots around the world, offers hands-on training for up to five days, based on your expertise and requirements. With NCT PRO, teams have the opportunity to gain practical experience and develop new skills, while networking with other operators, trainers and industry.

  1. You bring your CBRNe, EOD and SWAT team
  2. NCT provides trainers and training scenarios
  3. You bring your CBRNe and EOD skills and equipment
  4. NCT brings you the latest industry equipment and best practices to enhance your training experience
  5. You obtain the knowledge and experience of interoperability cooperation
  6. You capitalize on networking with your international peers and increase your unit’s response skills and procedures

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Why join NCT PRO as a team?

  • Participate in relevant and challenging CBRNe, EOD, SOF training scenarios
  • Use the latest equipment provided by industry
  • Network with and learn from other units from different countries
  • Learn from experienced training specialist
  • Add value to your organization
  • Train for two to five days at no cost

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Types of training 

NCT PRO Experience


  • Available at NCT América del Sur, and NCT USA.
  • A two-day training component of NCT events.
  • Civil and military first responders train to respond to CBRNe, EOD, C-IED, and demining scenarios.
  • Teams train based on their expertise and requirements using equipment provided by leading companies from all over the world.
  • Promotes interoperability, multinational, and multi-agency cooperation.

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NCT PRO Challenge


  • Available at NCT Europe and NCT APAC.
  • A full week training component of NCT events.
  • Focused on EOD, Special Forces, and CBRNe full-scale scenarios.
  • All scenarios promote interoperability, multinational, and multi-agency cooperation.
  • Training is provided by experienced EOD, CBRNe, and SOF professionals.


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How can you join as a team?

The start of your participation in NCT PRO is registering your team for the event. Your NCT Consultant will contact you to prepare your participation. All the events are not open to all the team, but we can request your participation with our event partner if you are really interested in participating in a specific event. The next step is to discuss your training goals, team members and equipment for the trainings. Once you have been accepted on the training, our NCT PRO Consultant will send you a Team Form to register all your details.

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