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Upcoming PRO Events

NCT PRO Concept

NCT PRO offers a unique opportunity for sponsors to work directly with operators during scenario-based training exercises. By providing state-of-the-art equipment, PRO sponsors have the chance to gain valuable insights into how their products perform in simulated environments and receive feedback from experienced professionals. NCT PRO not only allows sponsors to promote their products but also establish lasting connections within the community.

  1. You bring your product
  2. NCT brings you the teams
  3. You train the teams on your product
  4. Teams use your products in scenario based training
  5. Teams provide feedback on the product
  6. You capitalise on relationship building and buying opportunities

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Why to join NCT PRO as a company?

  • Your product being used in realistic scenarios by your potential customers.
  • You will have a chance to train potential customers on your equipment.
  • The event gives the possibility to network and bond with potential customers.
  • Opportunity to receive feedback on your product and discover the needs of CBRNe and EOD operators.
  • To inform potential customers on best practices and potential use of your products.
  • As an add-on possibility to receive high quality photos to be used in your future marketing material.

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Types of training 

NCT PRO Experience


  • Available at NCT América del Sur, and NCT USA.
  • A two-day training component of NCT events.
  • Civil and military first responders train to respond to CBRNe, EOD, C-IED, and demining scenarios.
  • Teams train based on their expertise and requirements using equipment provided by leading companies from all over the world.
  • Promotes interoperability, multinational, and multi-agency cooperation.

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NCT PRO Challenge


  • Available at NCT Europe and NCT APAC.
  • A full week training component of NCT events.
  • Focused on EOD, Special Forces, and CBRNe full-scale scenarios.
  • All scenarios promote interoperability, multinational, and multi-agency cooperation.
  • Training is provided by experienced EOD, CBRNe, and SOF professionals.


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How can you join as a company?

The start of your participation in NCT PRO is a chat with your NCT Consultants account manager. Together you look which of your products and technologies would fit best in the different missions and scenarios and what sponsorship package fits you best. In preparation for the booking, you may request a copy of the Training Plan or concept paper to read a summary of what will happen in the PRO event. 

Download the brochure/s from the events that are of your interest and we will contact you shortly.

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