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NCT PRO Outline

In this special edition of NCT PRO Challenge, teams will engage in CBRNe, EOD, and C-IED scenarios with a focus on special forces in a CBRN and IED environment. This tactical event, taking place in Croatia during the week of 15-18 October 2024. 

During four days, teams from all over Asia will train on different scenarios, with multiple missions leading up to a showdown in Hua Hin, Thailand on day four.

Each scenario includes different missions that need to be completed with different teams to achieve the objectives. The mission sets below give a glimpse of the missions the teams will complete.


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Previous missions set at NCT PRO Challenge

Conducted within military bases or dedicated training facilities, NCT PRO offers top-tier scenario-based training sessions. Drawing from the expertise of trainers with field experience in global CBRNe hotspots like Syria and Libya, these training programs are designed to emulate real-world situations.

Spanning from two to five days, these sessions cater to professional teams based on their specific expertise and needs. They utilize cutting-edge equipment supplied by leading companies in CBRNe, C-IED, EOD, and demining from across the globe. The scenarios curated by NCT mirror real-life situations, providing a distinctive opportunity for hands-on training.

High rise assault

it’s been confirmed that a hideout of a local terrorist group is in a high-rise building, in Hua Hin. It is suspected that an improvised chemical and explosive device are being built inside the high-rise building. The primary mission is to raid the hideout, apprehend key criminal group members, and secure the location. For the success of this mission, tactical units need to coordinate with other support forces (CBRN/EOD) available.  


Glowing car

The Security Intelligence Agency has tracked a group of individuals suspected of being involved in HAZMAT and explosive smuggling on Thai soil. It was discovered that the suspects were operating out of a specific location in Hua Hin. Upon reaching the targeted location, it was found to be empty at a local gas station, with no signs of the suspects, which raises suspicions about the presence of HAZMAT materials. The agency operators immediately moved away from the vehicle and police secured the hot zone perimeter.  

Vespa vacation    

The security guard at the local bank reported that they had noticed a moped parked beside the radio tower next to a local government building. No mopeds are allowed to park here. The situation is even more suspicious as a delegation of high level government officials is expected to visit the government building and the local insurgency group used in the past mopeds to deliver IED’s. 


Toxic jungle

A man and his wife have been found in a local rural area lying unconsciousness on the ground by local people. The locals called an EMT team and by initial signs which reported to be evident on them, the EMT assumed they are probably poisoned with a CW agent. Your team is tasked to search the area for any traces of the agent.



How does it work?


The start of your participation in NCT PRO starts by registering your team for the event. Your NCT Consultant will contact you directly to prepare your participation accordingly.

The event is not open like other NCT PRO events, but we can request your participation with our event partner. The next step is to discuss your training goals, team and equipment for the trainings. Once you have been accepted to the training, our NCT PRO Consultant will send you a Team Form to register all your details.


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