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NCT PRO Outline

In this special edition of NCT PRO Challenge, teams will engage in CBRNe, EOD, and C-IED scenarios with a focus on special forces in a CBRN and IED environment. This tactical event, taking place in Croatia during the week of 20-24 May 2024. 

During five days, teams from all over Europe will train on different scenarios, with multiple missions leading up to a showdown in Zagreb on day five. Each scenario includes different missions that need to be completed with different teams to achieve the objectives.

The mission sets below give a glimpse of the missions the teams will complete. A full set of scenarios is available to sponsors in the TPLAN (Training Plan) that is available through your NCT Consultants account manager.


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Previous missions set at NCT PRO Challenge

Conducted within military bases or dedicated training facilities, NCT PRO offers top-tier scenario-based training sessions. Drawing from the expertise of trainers with field experience in global CBRNe hotspots like Syria and Libya, these training programs are designed to emulate real-world situations.

Spanning from two to five days, these sessions cater to professional teams based on their specific expertise and needs. They utilize cutting-edge equipment supplied by leading companies in CBRNe, C-IED, EOD, and demining from across the globe. The scenarios curated by NCT mirror real-life situations, providing a distinctive opportunity for hands-on training.


Clandestine laboratory

Intelligence has led to a suspected drug laboratory and an Intelligence gathering mission is planned. Based on the intelligence collected, a raid on the drugs laboratory is ordered. During the raid traces of CWA and explosives are found. Specialized units follow the SOF units as enablers and secure critical intelligence in the lab in the basement of the building  that leads to a terrorist group planning to execute an attack using a VBIED with HAZMAT payload at an event in Zagreb.


Café bar 

Following the successful raid on the lab, the evidence it provided, and the reconnaissance of the observation team, a café-bar, which is used as a cover for storing illegal weapons and explosives and for hosting several tangos, is identified. A SOF raid is therefore planned to clear the opposition on site, to allow forensics and other units to enter and carry out intelligence gathering and collect evidence as to the group’s activities. During this mission, the forensics team detects evidence for a possible VBIED which requires additional activities to be carried. Based on those evidence, a CBRNe reconnaissance of the Café-bar surrounding area identifies a vehicle suspected to carry an IED that contains a HAZMAT payload. Teams will be sent to investigate the vehicle for further evidence.

Night ambush

The intelligence generated by the café raid confirmed that a large group of foreign national will try to illegally enter Croatia through a forest trail in the area of Mala Pljesevica. Warnings given by the Croatian Intelligence Agency suggests that 2 HVTs involved plan an attack, possibly using HAZMAT, on Croatian or EU soil. A SOF night ambush is then planned to arrest the HVTs and gather further intelligence.  A sniper starts the mission with taking down the vehicle and SOF units proceed with the extractions of the tangos.


Suicide bomber

A later investigation of the captured HVT by intelligence units reveals the name and a location of a woman suspected to hold knowledge and information with regards to an imminent terrorist attack. The intelligence leads to a reconnaissance mission in the woman’s apartment. SOF teams are then tasked to raid the suspect’s apartment with the aim of arresting the suspect and allow forensics and other units to operate and conduct forensics and CBRN sampling.


NCT PRO Challenge 2024

2024 will be combination of the NCT PRO Challenge Training Exercise concept and the know NCT Europe Conference and Exhibition. The event is taking place in abandoned hospital complex in Zagreb, Croatia on 20-24th May 2024. 

NCT Europe will take place in a simulated post conflict zone of operations in Ukraine. The war might be over, but the fighting hasn’t stopped, and remnants of war prevent civil society from building up a new life in the city. The location is a combination of ruins, high rise buildings with destroyed glass walls, farmland with hidden IEDs and UXOs. The underground area is dark and shows evidence of smuggling illegal immigrants. Threats to the civil population include UXOs, criminal groups used to operate without any problems, harassment, and interventions by irregular private militias from a neighboring country.

Download the concept paper j 

Why join NCT PRO as a company?


  • Use your product in realistic scenarios by your potential customers
  • Train potential customers on your equipment
  • Network and bond with potential customers
  • Get feedback on your products and discover the needs of CBRNe and EOD operators
  • Inform potential customers on best practices and potential use
  • Receive high quality photos to be used in your marketing matereials
  • Increase media coverage with leading CBRNe magazine, CBNW powered by NCT magazine


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How does it work?

The start of your participation in NCT PRO is a chat with your NCT Consultants account manager.

Together you will look which of your products and technologies would fit best in the different missions and scenarios and what sponsorship package fits you best. In preparation for the booking, you may request a copy of the Training Plan to read the detailed briefing packs for the missions.

After your booking, your products and technologies are put into the Technology planning. Our NCT PRO team plans the use of equipment based on your input. This is when we need information from you on how you would like to have the equipment used, any props/simulants needed and the number of pieces of equipment you will bring. We also ask you to tell us what kind of pictures you would like us to take of your equipment during the event.


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