Zagreb, Croatia

3 - 7 October 2022

NCT PRO Outline

In this special edition of NCT PRO Challenge, teams will engage in CBRNe, EOD, and C-IED scenarios with a focus on special forces in a CBRN and IED environment. This tactical event, taking place in Croatia during the week of 3-7 October 2022 and will be hosted in partnership with the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit Lucko- the Croatian national SOF police unit and the ATLAS Network of police special forces in Europe. During 5- days of training, teams will follow a story-line based set of thirteen missions.

Mission set

Throughout mission 1, teams will determine any opposition and the potential of CBRN threats at a location suspected to be used as a clandestine lab. Since traces of CWAs are found by the observation team, a raid will be conducted by special forces (SOF) on the suspected drug lab ran by a local criminal group (mission 2). As part of this scenario, teams will further gather and collect evidence while conducting CBRN sampling for the following scenarios (mission 3).

Following the successful raid on the lab, the evidence it provided, and the reconnaissance of the observation team (mission 4), a café-bar, which is used as a cover for storing illegal weapons and explosives and for hosting several tangos, is identified. A SOF raid is therefore planned to clear the opposition on site (mission 5), to allow forensics and other units to enter and carry out intelligence gathering and collect evidence as to the group’s activities (mission 6). During this mission, the forensics team detects evidence for a possible VBIED which requires additional activities to be carried. Based on those evidence, a CBRNe reconnaissance of the Café-bar surrounding area identifies a vehicle suspected to carry an IED that contains a HAZMAT payload. Teams will be sent to investigate the vehicle for further evidence (mission 7).

The intelligence generated by the café raid confirmed that a large group of foreign national will try to illegally enter Croatia through a forest trail in the area of Mala Pljesevica. Warnings given by the Croatian Intelligence Agency suggests that 2 HVTs involved plan an attack, possibly using HAZMAT, on Croatian or EU soil. A SOF night ambush is then planned to arrest the HVTs and gather further intelligence (mission 8).  A sniper starts the mission with taking down the vehicle and SOF units proceed with the extractions of the tangos.

A later investigation of the captured HVT by intelligence units reveals the name and a location of a woman suspected to hold knowledge and information with regards to an imminent terrorist attack. The intelligence leads to a reconnaissance mission in the woman’s apartment (mission 9). SOF teams are then tasked to raid the suspect’s apartment with the aim of arresting the suspect (mission 10)  and allow forensics and other units to operate and conduct forensics and CBRN sampling (mission 11).

Evidence and intel gathered from the raid have led intelligence units to confirm that in the next 24 hours, a small group of male foreign citizens will conduct a terrorist attack with a dirty bomb in the capital of Zagreb. Intelligence analysis identifies the suspects means of transportation- a vehicle headed towards the Champions League football match in Zagreb SOF teams are assigned to raid on the vehicle and neutralize threat (mission 12). Given the high threatcon level and presence of HAZMAT specialized CBRN and EOD units will support SoF operators with their expertise and equipment, and assist in removing the suspected car from the public space (mission 13).

Area of operations

Stubička Slatina military barracks is a military facility previously used by Croatian Armed Forces. The facility has been used by many security sectors in Croatia for different types of training of Croatian Special Forces, firefighters, anti-terrorists units, etc. The facility is spread over 180.000 m² and consists of a forest area with dirt roads, hidden ammunition and underground storage areas, pavement roads, different built objects (restaurants, accommodation, meeting rooms, basements), opened and covered areas and a classroom. All the mentioned objects make the location suitable for different types of training and variety of different scenarios. The location allows for the use of SWAT operations using Simunition, (small) explosives and CB simulants.

Why join as a training team

As a training team, you will be able to train with some of the best special police units in Europe and members of the ATLAS network. In this joint training, teams will be integrated with each other to allow for international cooperation practice, share of experience, and transfer of capabilities, and form connections between units.

Why join as a sponsor

As a sponsor, you will be able to put your product at the hands of special forces operators and showcase its capabilities. By taking part in the training, you will have the opportunity to network and learn the needs of operators in the field of CBRNe and EOD, learn practical and operational requirements from operators, and most importantly, get direct feedback on your equipment from the EOD and CBRNe operators.

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