Prof. Zvonko Orehovec, DOK-ING, Croatia

Zvonko Orehovec is chief technical expert at DOK-ING. He finished Military Academy of NBC Defense in 1984 in Belgrade. Post-graduation and Master of Science study, physical and radio-chemistry, finished in Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics, University of Zagreb, Croatia 1993. Has been awarded as a doctor’s degree of physical chemistry. Military carrier finished as full colonel 2005. His current position is professor of University of Applied Science Velika Gorica. Dr. Orehovec is author of more than 90 scientific and professional papers, books, scripts, Lecturer of 12 scientific meeting proceedings, Co-director of the International ASSISTEX I Exercise, Co-director and one of main organizer of 10 World congresses under the names CBMTS World Congress – Industry Series and CSCM World Congress of CBRNe Applied Science & Consequence Management. As an external associate-expert of DOK-ING, he is the author of the concept of several special UGVs, such as UGV CBRN, and military engineering solutions.