Mr. Terrence K. Cloonan, CDC/NIOSH

Former Major Chemical Corp US Army, Lead Physical Scientist for CDC/NIOSH (Retired), 911 Red Zone Federal Scientist, USA

Terrence K. Cloonan is a former US Army Major (Chemical Corps-RA) who successfully transitioned to a public health government laboratory as a lead physical scientist, under the National Institute for Occupational Science and Health (NIOSH) in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Upon full retirement from NIOSH in January of 2020, he completed 44 years of selfless work with 33 years of that as a federal employee. Mr. Cloonan brings a wealth of ground-truth knowledge concerning toxic agent tests, respirator certification requirements, user instruction perspectives, and scientific standards development work for emergency responders. His expertise in military nuclear, biological and chemical operations and industrial hygiene was vital to the City of New York during the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks. As a federal liaison in the Red Zone for 10 days, Terry Cloonan assisted the New York City Department of Health and the Office of Emergency Management in their emergency proclamations during the city’s mutual-aid response to the attacks. This guy is a proven leader that offers honest and transparent perspectives with a high level of confidence, day-in and day-out. He can help you achieve scientific overmatch of any given threat, workplace, or situation.