Mr. Peter Brüning, Bw, ÖBH, US-Army, WEU, Kaercher Futuretech, Germany

Senior Sales Manager

Mr. Peter Brüning joined the German Army in 1998 and served 12 years as a paratrooper officer. After serving in two different paratrooper battalions, he studied “Economics and Organizational Science” at the German Armed Forces University in Munich from 2002-2006. His final 4 years in the Army, he spent at the Airborne School in Altenstadt a.o. as a Ranger Course Instructor and with the Airborne Future Developments Group.

In 2011 he finished his “International M.B.A.” studies at the European School of Business in Reutlingen and then joined Kärcher Futuretech as a Sales Manager Western Europe. Today he heads a small group of sales experts covering most of Europe and the U.S. incl. the German Army being the main customer.