Mr. Patrick C. Riley, DEVCOM CBC, USA

Research Chemist, Detection Spectrometry Branch, AI

Mr. Patrick C. Riley, Research Chemist, US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Chemical Biological Center (DEVCOM CBC), obtained a B.S. degree in Chemistry from Salisbury University in 2010 where he performed undergraduate research using chemometrics to remove interference from chemical spectra using PCA/PCR analysis.  Mr. Riley is an artificial intelligence and machine (AI/ML) learning subject matter expert (SME). He has worked in CWA research at CBC for 12 years as a contractor and government employee with his primary research the last 6 years focusing on developing AI/ML algorithms for numerous chemical sensors to include the joint chemical agent detector (JCAD). As an SME Patrick currently serves as the project lead for CBC’s grand challenge ‘STEWARD’ which is an effort to educate and fund small projects at CBC concerning AI/ML. In addition Patrick provides SME support to a number of outside organizations concerning AI/ML efforts of the DoD to include, the JPEO Futures Directorate, John’s Hopkins APL, DEVCOM ARL, DEVCOM AC, MIT LL, PNNL, Sandia National Labs, and IARPA.