Mr. Nikša Cigoj, DOK-ING, Croatia

Sales Manager

Nikša works as a Sales Manager at DOK-ING, an engineering powerhouse. The company holds an international market leadership position across 40+ countries globally. Under Nikša’s responsibilities in the defense sector, the company holds sway over some of the biggest markets worldwide. Markets within the company’s portfolio managed by Nikša include the USA, Canada, Israel, Egypt, Greece, Montenegro, Kosovo, and Iraq. Nikša is deeply passionate about his work, constantly striving for additional goals and consistently going the extra mile for the company.

He has built extensive sales experience and expertise, having worked as a Sales Manager for more than 17 years. He adeptly adapts to various company cultures and industries. Nikša began his sales career in 2005 within the pharmaceutical industry, working for the renowned American company Merck Sharp & Dohme (Merck). His dedication and innovation earned him the MSD Fantastic People award in 2013. His contributions extend beyond business, as he actively participated in creating early crisis warning systems and integrating them with drones.

His ability to easily adapt to different cultures developed from his early years, as he was born in Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and grew up during challenging times of war. In the mid-90s, due to war circumstances, he moved to Croatia. There, Nikša continued his education. He proudly highlights that due to the war, he had the opportunity to study at the prestigious Tesla Electrotechnical School in Zagreb. His thirst for knowledge and diversity led him to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Zagreb, where he honed his technical skills. Additionally, he excelled in the field of economics, earning a diploma from the Business School.