Mr. Gary Hess, Defense Equipment Company

President, Defense Equipment Company, USA

Gary Hess leads Defense Equipment Company’s operation, with responsibility for business in the FES and CBRNe markets. He also manages vendor relationships and company expansion efforts into emerging markets. Gary has been serving the FES/CBRNe markets for the last 30+ years in various sales management roles to include Protect the Force, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Safety Equipment Company. Gary started his career with Safety Equipment Company prior to the company being acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific. He served as Fisher’s Vice President of Sales for First Responder markets for 7 years. Gary started up Protect the Force as a manufacturer rep company and expanded into tactical sales, tactical & FES service provider, and R&D product development. Gary has devoted his professional career supporting both the federal/military and state/local customers for FES,CBRNe, LE, and Tactical markets and inspired to finding solutions to the ever changing requirements of our military and first responders.