Mr. Edward P. Argenta, DTRA

Science and Technology Manager, Chemical and Biological Technologies Department, DTRA, USA

Mr. Edward Argenta – Serves as a Science and Technology Manager for the United States of America Defense Threat Reduction Agency(DTRA) – Chemical and Biological Defense Program managing application and platform development for the Digital Battle Space division. Specifically, Mr. Argenta’s portfolio consists of non-invasive host –based physiological monitoring and human exposure efforts with the goal of developing subclinical threat agnostic detection capabilities after biological agent exposures as well near real-time threat agnostic detection of chemical agent exposure. Mr. Argenta’s educational background is in Meteorology and has applied the knowledge of ingesting continuous real-time data and producing a prediction of future state in support of physiological algorithm development and disease spread via epidemiological spread models. Previously, Mr. Argenta provided developmental test and evaluation of chemical and biological sensors/platforms/equipment for the United States Army specifically performing hazard prediction modeling and simulation of chemical and biological simulants. Mr. Argenta has participated in numerous agent dispersion field experiments including dense gas, inert tracers, and benign biological materials and has used data from these experiments in model validation and verification efforts. As a contractor for DTRA, Mr. Argenta supported a 24/7 operational technical reachback cell providing expert analysis to requests for information on chemical, biological, nuclear, radiation, and explosive (CBRNE) topics. These requests would vary between long-term research and developmental projects to real-world emergency response events.