Mr. Dino Isasegi, DOK-ING, Croatia

Sales Manager

Dino graduated from a Croatian military college with a degree in military engineering in 2013. After formal education as an army officer, he was a Demining & an EOD officer. Four years later, Dino finished the C-IED course and was a Commander of the numerous demining sites all over Croatia. He was the well-established leader of the demolition in the quarry and the leader of destroying found assets in the field after demining. One of his responsibilities was that he was in charge of the training of young deminers and future officers considering destruction and demining. After four years of commanding a platoon, Dino was promoted to a Company Commander of IEDD operators and deminers. As Company Commander, among other things, he was responsible for establishing the IEDD platoon in the Croatian Army.
After 12 years of service in the Croatian Army, Dino resigned his duties to continue his career in the Innovative company DOK-ING. He got an offer to work as a project manager in DOK-ING where he was responsible for multiple projects considering building EOD machines. His career took a new path when he changed departments inside DOK-ING and moved to the Sales department to take the position of the Sales Manager for numerous and various markets around the Globe.