Mr. Christopher Hoffman, Aktiv Pharma Group, USA

Chris Hoffman serves as the VP for Government Affairs for Aktiv Pharma Group, an American company developing and manufacturing drug delivery systems. 

Chris is a retired U.S. Army Officer, serving nearly three decades primarily oriented on CWMD and CBRN Defense challenges across the globe.  Key assignments in uniform included advising commanders and leaders throughout the Army and Department of Defense and commanding operational CBRN forces, culminating with responsibility for the majority of the active Army’s CBRN force structure. His experiences span planning, preparations, and/or support for counterterror, homeland defense, and large-scale operations. He closed out his service to his nation as the Principal Director of the $1.4B Defense-wide Chemical and Biological Defense Program (CBDP) while periodically performing the duties of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Chemical and Biological Defense.