Lt. Dr. Manuel Tamani, Italian Red Cross Military Corps

CBRN Manager, Emilia Romagna Region, Italian Red Cross Military Corps, Italy

Lt. Dr. Manuel Tamani has a been a volunteer for the Italian Red Cross since 2001. He graduated in industrial chemistry in 2010 with a specialization in risk analysis and management of CBRNe threats.

He holds many instructor specializations, ranging from first aid to emergency driving, from CPR to CBRNe.

Manuel has a background working for various chemical laboratories (pharmaceutical, disposal sterial device). In 2016, he became production manager in a medical device company for pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical products).

From 2009 to 2012, Manuel worked as the coordinator of the Red Cross regional branch. In 2013, he became the regional CBRNe manager for the Emilia-Romagna branch, before being named chemical expert at the National Technical CBRNe committee of the Italian Red Cross.

In the COVID-19 crisis, he collaborates with many branches of the Red Cross in writing SOPs, controlling PPE certifications and making specific training classes, even online.