Lt. Col. Yannick Durocher, Etat-major of the West Defence and Security Zone

CBRNe Expert, Etat-major of the West Defence and Security Zone, France

Lieutenant-Colonel Yannick DUROCHER is since 2016 deputy chief in the Etat-major of the western defense and security zone. He works frequently as CBRNe expert for different institutions like the European Union CBRNe center of excellence (EU CBRN CoE) and the international atomic energy agency (IAEA).

Since 1998, he was the department manager of several fire and rescue service as well as center manager, chief of the preparedness department and crisis management training leader.

Lieutenant-Colonel Durocher regularly provides trainings at ENSOSP (Superior Firefighter Officer National School), at ENSC Rennes (Rennes Superior chemistry school) and for international missions of the Ministry for foreign Affairs. He’a also consultant for the cabinet cindynis.

Lieutenant-Colonel Durocher holds an advanced Master degree in CBRN risk and threat management from the University of Mulhouse, a certificate of strategic management from the politics sciences institute of Aix-en-Provence, a Master degree in chemical and food-processing ingeniery from the University of Nantes and a Master degree of physical sciences from the University of Rennes.