LTC Guy Moverley, Defence & Security Organisation

Military Adviser Counter-Explosive Ordnance, Defence & Security Organisation, UK

Lt Col Moverley is presently the Military Adviser for Counter-Explosive Ordnance (C-EO) in the Department for International Trade, UK Defence & Security Exports where he supports the international exportation of C-EO equipment, training and services.
Lt Col Moverley graduated as an Ammunition Technical Officer (ATO) in 1994 and was posted to the Directorate of Land Service Ammunition as the manager of British Army anti-tank guided weapons.  He deployed as a High Threat Improvised Explosive Device Disposal Operator BANNER in Northern Ireland and as an Ammunition Storage Troop Commander in Croatia on Operation LODESTAR.
He has served in the MOD responsible for specialist EOD and CBRN capability development and Defence Intelligence, analysing improvised explosive threats in Afghanistan.  Lt Col Moverley deployed on Operation HERRICK where he commanded the Weapons Intelligence Specialist Company (Afghanistan) responsible for the exploitation of Captured Enemy Materiel.
In 2014 Lt Col Moverley was assigned to the Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization in the USA as the UK’s Counter-IED and Weapons Technical Intelligence Exchange Officer, working closely with the DHS and FBI as well as the US DOD.  In 2017 he deployed on Operation INHERENT RESOLVE to Baghdad as the Director of Counter-IED in the multinational Combined Joint Task Force Headquarters responsible for the force protection of contributing nations and development of Iraqi Counter-IED capability in Iraq and Syria.
He enjoys watching rugby, coaching / playing hockey, training gundogs and funding extravagant children’s activities.