Dr. Zoran Sandev, INTERPOL

Specialized Officer CBRNE, INTERPOL

Zoran Sandev is working as a specialized officer in the CBRNE Sub-Directorate at INTERPOL. He has 20 years of experience in CBRNE field and international experience in capacity building program. His main responsibilities are in all disciplines of CBRN security, which includes preparedness, prevention, response, and operational security.

Recognizing current and emerging threats caused by the illicit trade of biological and chemical materials for terrorism purposes on the Darknet, he was a part of the team initiating and developing Project PANDORA – Darknet training investigation course, which aims at enhancing the capabilities of counter-terrorism investigators and intelligence officers to prevent the illicit acquisition of biological and chemical agents on the Darknet.

Coming from army CBRNE background he was engaged in numerous live agent integrated WMD (weapon of mass destruction) exercises and units’ readiness assessment.

Zoran also holds a Ph.D focused on management of information technology and e-business.