Dr. Stephen Francesconi, DTRA

Science and Technology Manager, Diagnostics and Detection Division (CBA), USA

Dr. Stephen Francesconi is currently a Science and Technology Manager at the Joint Science and Technology Office, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Research and Development Directorate, Chemical and Biological Technologies Department, Detection and Diagnostics Division. Dr. Francesconi currently manages an annual portfolio of $10 million focusing on diagnostics relevant to military relevant biological threats including plague and melioidosis.  He trained as a clinical microbiologist, and specializes in austere laboratory practices, having for many years set up and taught detection methods in the Former Soviet Union and East and West Africa. Dr. Francesconi led an Ebola Diagnostic laboratory in Liberia during the 2015 Ebola outbreak, and was instrumental in training numerous Liberian lab techs to safely diagnose Ebola infections by PCR. He has extensive laboratory and field experience with anthrax, plague, tularemia, and brucellosis. He is currently managing programs to diagnose plague and Melioidosis infections in humans.