Dr. Otília Lupi, National Institute of Infectology, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Brazil

Infectious Disease Specialist, Laboratory of Acute Febrile Diseases

Graduated in medicine from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1995), has a Residency in Public Health from IESC-UFRJ and in Infectious Diseases from HUAP/UFF. Specialized in Public Health Emergencies by ENSP-FIOCRUZ (2011) . Master (2005) and PhD (2017) in Tropical Medicine from IOC-FIOCRUZ. Post-doctorate at the Ary Command and Staff School (ECME), with a project in the Defense Area on Biological Threat-Bioterrorism (2019). Currently works as an infectious disease specialist at the Laboratory of Acute Febrile Diseases at INI / FIOCRUZ.