Dr. Nisreen Al-Hmoud, Royal Scientific Society, Jordan

Director, Center for Excellence in Biosafety, Biosecurity, and Biotechnology

As a scientist, Dr. Nisreen AL-Hmoud is motivated to provide research that focuses on the public good; her research focuses on the preservation of human health and biodiversity. During the last twelve years, she has dedicated her research to the development of scientific capacity in the fields of biosafety, water & food safety and security, and evaluation of environmental risks for scientists, government agencies, local communities and Non-Governmental Organizations in Jordan, the Middle East, and North Africa region. She is actively contributing to Biorisk Management capacity building programs both nationally and regionally. 

In November 2020, Dr. AL-Hmoud presented the Griffin Lecture Award presentation at the 63rd Annual Biosafety and Biosecurity Conference presented by ABSA International. Her presentation focused on “the impact of capacity building activities in the MENA region on enhancing laboratory biosafety and biosecurity”. 

Dr. AL-Hmoud is particularly interested in effective and sustainable scientific international cooperation. Her research collaborators include international NGOs, US-based scientists, and regional One Health networks. She promotes a holistic approach to research that takes into account microbiology, molecular biology, virology, toxicology and ecology to investigate the most effective methods to reduce health risks associated with naturally occurring infectious diseases and outbreaks. Her research projects have led to a significant number of journal articles, commissioned reports, and book chapters.