Dr. Neslihan Genisel, University of Health Sciences Ankara

Research Assistant, Medical CBRN Department, Turkey

Dr. Genisel graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Pharmacy, Ankara, Turkey. Dr. Genisel completed her doctoral degree in Medical Microbiology, Dicle University School of Medicine, Diyarbakir, Turkey. Dr. Genisel is about to complete her Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Microbiology at Ankara University, Faculty of Pharmacy. She worked as a researcher in many projects funding by Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK). I have experiences in pharmaceutical, biological and chemical laboratory applications and techniques such as molecular microbiology techniques, biosensor applications, various chromatography methods and electron microscopy. Currently, she is working as a researcher in some projects entitled “Sampling and decontamination methods from contaminated surfaces with Bacillus anthracis spores” and “Development of an amperometric biosensor for the diagnosis of COVID-19” at the Medical CBRN Microbiology Laboratory, Gulhane Health Sciences Institute, University of Health Sciences, Ankara, Turkey.