Dr. Kenar has been working for 23 years in the CBRN Department in Ankara, Turkey and is currently the Head of the Department as Professor of CBRN in this department. He has been tasked for all the issues held in the department including making scientific studies, giving lectures about the chem-bio weapons to governmental staff. Dr. Kenar worked as PhD student in the doctorate program about CBRN agents betwen 1997-2002. Since he has been leading the CBRN Response Team established under the authority of University, he was tasked in prompt and effective response to incidents and supervised the staff in the team at various times during my Professional period. From the aspect of CBRN defense, he has also been assigned in various international organisations/ meetings and has represented Turkey in CBRN- NATO related groups like CBRN Working Group, CBRN Defense Working Group, NBC Initiatives in NATO Assessment Team. Dr. Kenar was also certified as the inspector of UNMOVIC organized by the United Nations. He worked as a visiting scholar in University of Minnesota, USA between Sept 2010-Sept 2011. His papers have been published in peer-reviewed international journals, oral and poster presentations in international scientific meetings. Due to his knowledge and skills in CBRN response, he has been tasked in various assignments that led him to gain experience in developing CBRN strategies, plans and trainings for organizations such as Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Authority, an institution working to prevent disasters including CBRN disaster and minimize disaster-related damages, plan and coordinate post-disaster response, and promote cooperation among various government agencies). As the Chief of the CBRN Department, he has supervised and trained about 20 instructors and provided CBRN training for about 2500 national staff students until today. Dr. Kenar has also participated in higher level Decision Making Process in support of CBRN response in Turkey. He has developed and instituted CBRN-related projects at University and both national and international levels. On the other side, he has provided consultancy covering strategic analysis, assessments and recommendations on CBRN related issues and emergency situations during multiple crisis events and exercises via briefings and written documents (the recent example was the Conference performed on 5th February 2020 on novel Coronavirus-19 which attracted too much attention by the public). From that perspective, he has been involved in planning and executing CBRN meetings, panels and symposia.