Dr. Kimberly Chamblin, ADS, Inc.

CBRNE Business Development and Category Manager, USA

Kimberly Chamblin, Ph.D. is the CBRNE Business Development and Category Manager for ADS, Inc. In this capacity, Kim calls upon the JPEO-CBD, DHS CWMD and other key government stakeholders. She also serves as the company’s lead for CBRNE equipment providers. Kim is also a Director of the CBRN Industry Group. The CBRNE IG  is a non-profit association of more than 130 companies, not-for-profit organizations, and consultants who support national and international CBRNE defense activities. Prior to joining ADS, Kim served as a Legislative Affairs Consultant to the J1/8 and in the J5 at U.S. Africa Command in Stuttgart, Germany. Kim proudly served as a GS14 at the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office from 2006-2008. She started her federal career at Department of Energy/NNSA after graduating with an M.A.I.A. from American University in 2001. She holds a Ph.D in Organizational Leadership from the University of Oklahoma (2016), and her dissertation, “A CASE STUDY OF A RADIATION DETECTION EQUIPMENT PROGRAM: DO THE ADVOCACY COALITION FRAMEWORK AND THE ISSUE ATTENTION CYCLE INFORM CONGRESSIONAL BUDGET DECISIONS?” addresses the challenges that face decision makers who allocate resources and drive decisions related to complex technical equipment. Kim is happiest in her roles of USMC wife and mother to three boys.