Dr. Eng. Fernando M. Araujo-Moreira, Military Institute of Engineering, Brazil

Full Professor of Engineering and Nuclear Engineering Research Coordinator

Full Professor of Engineering and Nuclear Engineering Research Coordinator at Military Institute of Engineering (IME), in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Collaborator of the Center of Strategic Studies of the Southeast Military Command (CMSE). Researcher collaborator of the Institute Meira Mattos (Military Sciences, in Defense Management) of the School of Command and Military Staff of the Brazilian Army (ECEME). Professor and researcher at Biotechnology Graduation Program at Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCar). Materials Engineer (1988; Concentration areas: metallic materials, ceramic materials, nuclear engineering); MSc (metallic materials) and Doctor (superconductivity) in Physics; Post-Doctorate in Physics in the positions of both Visiting Professor and Research Scientist, granted by NSF/National Science Foundation and USAF-OSR/United State Air Force-Office for Scientific Research at the Center for Superconductivity Research, University of Maryland/USA (College Park; 1995-1998). Coordinator of the National Network of Nanobiotechnology applied to Medicine and National Defense. Coordinator of the Brazil-Germany UNIBRAL program in the field of physical engineering. Consultant/Instructor of the Brazilian Army in defense CBRN/biodefense for the FIFA World Cup 2014. Author/co-author of 22 patents and 14 books/chapters in books in Brazil and the USA. Advised 33 MSc projects, 36 PhD projects and supervised 30 postdoctoral projects and visiting scientists. Author/coauthor (Google Scholar) of 259 articles with 2370 citations, H-index = 26 and i10-index = 54 in high-level indexed journals (Nature, Phys. Rev. Letters, APPL. Phys. Letters, Phys. Rev. B, etc.)