Dr. Claudia Chatelus, Louis Pasteur Hospital Colmar & Haut-Rhin Fire Department

Physician Doctor and Disaster Specialist at the Louis Pasteur Hospital of Colmar and Fire fighter department of Haut-Rhin (68) France

Dr. Claudia Chatelus, 49 years old, worked in an emergency department for more than twenty years. She is also a specialist in disaster medicine and crisis management. She previously worked in a fire department in Lyon where she was responsible for the organization of the medical security post for major events, as well as for disaster drills and plans. Currently, she is responsible at the Pasteur Hospital in Colmar for the mass casualty influx plan and triage of victims. Over the last ten years, she participated in several European exercises as an expert of the European Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM). Her are of interest covers Europe and field of crisis and disaster management. She acquired a real expertise and good overview of the emergency and disaster medicine in France after having practiced it in different institutions (hospital, fire department and military unit).