Dr Antonella Cavallo, Technical Lead, European Commission, Italy

Dr Antonella Cavallo is the Technical Lead for the development of EU CBRN capabilities under rescEU at the European Commission in Brussels. As part of her role, Antonella coordinates the implementation of EU CBRN equipment and specialized teams under rescEU, a program aiming to booster disaster resilience in the European Union by establishing strategic response capabilities to assist EU Member States in case of need. 


Prior to her current role, Antonella worked in the private and public sector in Italy, France, Germany, USA and most recently Australia covering areas such as complex risk management, disaster relief, international relations, and strategic management. 

She holds a PhD in Complex Project Management from the University of Adelaide in Australia focusing on systemic resilience to unexpected disaster risks. She is a graduate of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany and the Politecnico of Turin in Italy, where she studied industrial engineering.