Dr. Ahmed Zaid Saeed Al Shemeili, Regional EU CBRN CoE, UAE

Executive Director EU CBRN CoE; Chairman UAE CBRN Hub

Dr. Ahmed Zaid Saeed Al Shemeili is:

  • Founder and Chairman UAE CBRN Hub
  • Official representative of the UAE in the European Union Regional Secretariat of Centre of Excellence for CBRN Emergencies
  • Representative to UAE in International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
  • Initiator and Leader of the Transformational Change through Artificial Intelligence 2020
  • Initiator and Leader of the International Expert Gathering 2020
  • International Speaker, Global Business Leader

“I’ve always had a pioneering spirit to do something different, to achieve my passions and help bring the brilliant ideas of others to life.”

For Dr. Ahmed Al Shemeili, helping others achieve their own greatness is a driving force that sits deep within his DNA. As does his inherent ability to see opportunity and seize it. Growing up in a small town in Ras al Khaimah, Al Shemeili began his entrepreneurial journey early on – innovating with the resources at his disposal and repurposing them to meet the needs of others.  Born in the Shamal region of Ras Al Khaimah in 1984, Al Shemeili grew up under the guidance of his nurturing, gentle and supportive parents.

His interest and expertise in chemistry and nuclear energy as a student saw him rise through the ranks in this industry in its infancy, elevating him in the industry of CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear). Ahmad thus is the initiator and founder of the CBRN Hub, launched in the UAE in Nov 2020, and the only one of its kind in the Middle East.

Dr Ahmad Al Shemeili, understands the importance of CBRN in a country and know that a CBRN emergency calls for cooperation of a very wide spectrum of organizations and could very well require transborder and international collaboration. Interoperability and a consistently high level of response capabilities are key factors in ensuring an efficient and effective response.  Thus the establishment by Dr Ahmad, of the UAE CBRN Hub promotes standardization, consistent high-level preparedness and high-quality response performance through individual, single-organization, multi-disciplinary and regional training and research activities.

The CBRN Hub is a Regionally-focused Strategy to Build on strong cooperation with GCC countries to offer services on a regional level including the Regional Nuclear Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan; the Establishment of CoE National and regional which extends to cover the Middle East and North Africa region and offcourse building synergy with resources in the extended regions

Extended from been the Founder and Chairman of the UAE CBRN HUB, Dr Ahmad also is the Chairman of Hadarat Global. Dr Ahmed Zaid Saeed BinKhashah Al Shemeili, has created an entire infrastructure of success that is dedicated to supporting start-ups, visionaries and entrepreneurs.


  • Global Excellence – Outstanding CEO of the Year 2021 – Leaders Without Borders Development Centre
  • Distinguished Executive Leadership Excellence Award of the Year (Energy Category) by the African Leadership Magazine UK: 2019
  • CEO Hall of Fame Award – Class of 2019 inductee – African leadership Magazine
  • Certificate of Support from Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi for Support on Radiological Event Management
  • Excellence Award from USA Texas for Nuclear Emergencies
  • Incident Management Graduate – IAEA – Emergency Operations Training Centre College Station TX – Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service– 2016
  • Advanced Capacity Building in Preparedness and Response to Nuclear & Service Radiological Accidents – NPI (Nuclear Power Institute) at Texas A&M University
  • Certificate of International Workshop on Nuclear Security Measures and Emergency Response Arrangement for Major Public Events– IAEA – Washington DC – USA June 2016
  • Certified UAE General Command of Armed forces – College of Command and Joint staff
  • Certified completion of JOPC1-4 (establishment process – Jan 2019 Ability to understand processes Joint Operations planning – national leadership and multinational leadership in accordance with the principles and standards of NATO
  • Certified Bopc2-4 joint operations planning – ability to act as Vice president of a cornerstone in his command of joint duty and multinational leadership In accordance with the principles of NATO
  • Delivered a Paper at NEIIS on Mobile Lab for Nuclear Response Certified PMP – Quattro Training Centre – 2018