CPT Daniele Del Gaudio, 7th Regiment of CBRN Defence ‘Cremona’

Head of CBRN Specialized Support Office, 7th Regiment of CBRN Defence 'Cremona', Italy

Cpt. Daniele DEL GAUDIO was born in Rome on 26th October 1981.
He joined in the Army in 2001 as a Corporal attended the 5th Course at the Italian Military NCO Academy in Viterbo from 2002 to 2004 and he became 2nd Lt in 2006.
He is assigned to the 7th NBC Def. Regiment “CREMONA” in Civitavecchia, in 2001, 2004 and 2006, where he has employed as Platoon Leader, Deputy Coy Commander, Coy Commander and Staff Officer. In 2007 he was employed in Afghanistan as Platoon Leader under the ISAF mission, in 2009 he was employed in Lebanon as Deputy Coy Commander under the UNIFIL mission, in 2010 he was employed in Kosovo as a Liaison Officer under the KFOR mission and in 2018 he was employed in Lebanon as Mobile Training Team Leader under the MIBIL mission.
In September the 15th, 2015 he took the lead of the Technical Support Section of 7th NBC Defense Regiment in regiment staff.
Since December the 10th , 2019 he took the lead of the CBRN Specialist Support Office of 7th CBRN Defense Regiment.
He is National Representative in NATO JCBRND Capability Development Group – Physical Protection Panel and in NATO Framework Concept Nation – Cluster CBRN Protection – sub cluster Operation and Integration.
Graduated in Organizational and Management Sciences and He achieved an international master’s degree in Protection against CBRNe Events I and II level.
He was insigned with:
– Service Silver Cross;
– 10 years Command Medal;
– Civil Protection Commemorative Cross;
– Military Mission Commemorative Cross in Lebanon;
– Military Mission Commemorative Cross in Afghanistan;
– Military Mission Commemorative Cross in Kosovo;
– United Nations Commemorative Medal for UNIFIL Operation in Lebanon;
– NATO Commemorative Medal for KFOR Operation in Kosovo;
– NATO Commemorative Medal for ISAF Operation in Afghanistan;
– National Medal for Mobile Training Team in the Bilateral Military Mission Italy-Lebanon (MIBIL) in
– National Medal for COVID-19 Pandemic.