COL Yasutaka Matsubara, Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, Japan

Chief Strategy Instructor of Staff College

Service Career:

Mar 2022 Present assignment

Mar 2019 Commander, Central NBC Defense Unit, Ground Component Command

Mar 2017 Project Manager (AAV7), Project Management Div.

Department of Project Management, ATLA

Mar 2016 JGSDF Staff Collage, Joint Staff Collage

Mar 2013 Ground Staff Office (Policy and Programs Department(G-5))

Mar 2012 1st NBC Defense Unit(Commanding Officer)

Mar 2009 Ground Staff Office(Policy and ProgramsDepartment(G-5))

Mar 2008 Technical Research and Development Institute(Researcher)

Mar 2007 JGSDF Staff Collage (Technical AdministrationCourse)

Mar 2005 Chemical School(Researcher of Equipment)

Mar 2000 Kanazawa GSvc (Study of Biotechnology as a doctoral student)

Mar 1998 26th Infantry Regiment(Rifle PLT LDR)