Chief Inspector Arménio José Louro Licela, Public Security Police

Acting Commander, National EOD/CBRN Unit, Public Security Police | Portugal

As an EOD and CBRN field operator since 2011, Chief Inspector Arménio José Louro Liceia has extensive experience. After a degree in Police Sciences and Homeland Security from the ISCPSI, he became a local station police commander from 2009 to 2014.

He then went on to Group Commander at the PSP National EOD CBRN Unit with, as main responsibility, the coordination of field activities until 2016, before becoming the Deputy Commander of that same unit. He is today the Acting Commander of the PSP National EOD/CBRN Unit since 2018.

Additionally, he acts as a crisis negotiator since 2013, and a University teacher in the field of arms and explosive disciplines since 2014.