BG Dae Wee Lee, ROK CBRN School, Republic of Korea

Commander, ROK Army CBRN Defese Command, Republic of Korea

Brigadier General Dae-Wee Lee has an established career in the military; BG Lee is currently the Commander of the ROK CBRN School. Prior experience includes Commander of ROK CBRN Defense Command, Commander of Education Group, Army CBRN School, Chief of CBRN Branch, J3, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Chief of CBRN Branch, G3, Third ROK Army as well as Assistant Chief of Staff G3, ROK CBRN Defense Command, and lastly Chief of the CBRN Branch, Army Logistics Command. BG Lee also holds degrees from the ROK Army College, Master of Science in Organic Chemistry, Korea University Graduate School and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Korea Military Academy.