NCT PRO Challenge Asia 2021

Train like a PRO

16 - 20 August, Kampong Speu, Cambodia
Training School for Multinational Peacekeeping Forces




The first NCT PRO Challenge will be dedicated to CBRNe, C-IED and EOD responder teams and conducted at the Training School for Multinational Peacekeeping Forces in Kampong Speu, Cambodia, in partnership with Mac7 and the Cambodian Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority.

Teams of international professionals will be trained based on their requirements using equipment provided by leading CBRNe, C-IED and EOD companies from all over the world.

At NCT PRO Challenge 2021, the trainings will focus on scenarios involving EOD and CBRN recon and detection, decontamination, detection, landmines, UXOs, IEDs and Chemical UXOs/IEDs.

Product Training: During the one-hour product training, companies train the operators on the use of their sponsored equipment. This training enables the teams to effectively use the product during the scenario training.

Training Mission: During the two-hours mission, teams train on realistic field scenario requiring the use of the sponsored equipment. Professional trainers will coach and guide the team through the mission and help the teams achieve their objectives. After the trainings, companies will be able to get direct feedback from the end-users on the equipment.

PRO Challenge: The PRO Challenge is the final mission of the training week and is a team building activity that strengthens the bond between operators from different countries and company representatives. Although the Challenge is linked to EOD and CBRNe missions, it is not a training competition.

NCT PRO Challenge Asia

Full training week on EOD, Demining and CBRNe

Training School for Multinational Peacekeeping Forces

The Training School for Multinational Peacekeeping Forces in Kampong Speu is one of the ASEAN region’s premier training locations for forces to be deployed on UN missions.

Multinational training

With teams from different Asian and Western countries, NCT PRO Challenge is the premier EOD & CBRNe Training event in Asia.

8:00 am

Breakfast meeting for trainers and companies at Courtyard Hotel in Phnom Penh


Transport to the Training School for Multinational Peacekeeping Forces in Kampong Speu (2 hour drive)


Recon of Training Facility and Setup


Arrival of Training Teams at hotel in Kampong Speu

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