Tactical Defense Media

TDM publications provide readers with insights into DoD program requirements and industry technologies that support joint force ops including mounted and dismounted protection systems, intel and comms applications, tactics, and training. TDM publications’ mission focus is centered on collecting expert opinion regarding best practices and lessons learned through the eyes of military and civilian authority, warfighters and law enforcement.

CST & CBRNE Source Book is a quarterly magazine providing updates on programs and applications from NGB, CSTs, JPEO CBD and other DoD offices for countering the full threat spectrum of WMD and high-yield explosives as they relate to HAZMAT first response. Articles highlight leading edge products and technology used in personal protective gear, detection and decontamination equipment, and training and test techniques.

Security & Border Protection, TDM’s newest publication, concentrates on the global homeland security market, with a special focus on North America. With DoD and DHS reorganizations, TDM decided to cover civil support teams and CBRNE threats together with border and homeland security. In this magazine, readers will find a wealth of information and insight on border security policy and technology, counter-terrorism, and CBRNE event preparation and response, among other topics. Each issue will feature stories on local and federal agencies and the military as well as the latest news from industry.