Rigaku Analytical Devices is leading with innovation to pioneer a portfolio of handheld and portable spectroscopic analyzers for use in the protection of public health and safety, aid in the advancement of scientific and academic study, enable the recycle and reuse of metal alloys, and ensure quality of key metal alloy components in mission critical industries. Our core goal is to be recognized globally for quality, reliability and expertise in all aspects of our business through our commitment to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing technologically advanced products.

The foundation of our company is our talented team, dedicated to continual product development efforts which improve performance and functionality, resulting in reliable, cost-effective solutions for the end user. Our rugged products utilize integrated software that combines an open architecture platform with user defined settings, delivering unparalleled accuracy and extensive application support, empowering our customers to achieve rapid lab-quality results any time, any place

Partner in Thailand is Crest Nanosolution (Thailand )

RAMAN for Threat Screening
Field identification of hazardous materials and unknown materials
With a BaySpec portable or handheld RAMAN spectrometer

First Responders
Rapid identification of hazardous materials is RAMAN's forte. Hazmat teams, fire fighters, bomb squads and police officers require tools employ RAMAN to quickly identify unknown liquids and solids to determine whether they are hazardous or benign. Rapid identification helps minimize the risk and expedite remediation.

Military, Security and Governnment Agencies
Homeland security personnel tasked with preventing terrorist attacks use RAMAN to instantly identify dangerous materials and the precursors of biological agents, chemical weapons and narcotics. Applications include: IED / HME / WMD explosives detection, unknown substance identification, forensics analysis as well as Homeland Security (DHS), Border Patrol (BP) and transportation safety administration (TSA) screening.