Polimaster Europe

Polimaster is a recognized world-leader in the development and manufacturing of professional equipment for monitoring, detecting, locating and identifying nuclear and radioactive materials. We provide a complete line of solutions for radiation control equipment including: world-class radiation portal monitors, electronic dosimeters, personal radiation detectors, hand-held search instruments and Radionuclide Identifiers.

Polimaster products have been used throughout the world by military branches, customs and border patrol officers, police and security services, first responders and nuclear specialists. Our products help to protect mass transit systems, airports, railway stations, industrial complexes, specialists who work with or around radioactive and nuclear materials etc.

The precision and quality of Polimaster’s equipment is proven with numerous certificates around the world, as well as with the test results conducted by international organizations and laboratories. In the United States, test results from the National Institute of Standards and the Department of Energy proved Polimaster's quality while the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Illicit Trafficking and Radiation Assessment Program (ITRAP), the World Trade Organization and Interpol did the same for its international audience. Polimaster’s equipment also meets and surpasses the specialized standards of many countries as well as many international requirements including the ASTM International and the ANSI standards.

Polimaster is a dynamically developing team of specialists working in different countries and on different continents, trying to reach their common goal – to save our planet from nuclear and radioactive threat. Polimaster has gained a reputation of one of the fastest growing companies in the world in the field of radiation control due to constant development of the most advanced instruments and their joint production at partner enterprises.