NBC-R company is part of the UTILIS Group, manufacturer of tents, modular structures, field hospitals, decontamination systems and CBRN protection for all applications and in use in all 5 continents. With over 20 years of experience, UTILIS is specialised in the development of innovative solutions with unequalled rapidity of deployment speed, offering products tailored to the specific needs of each of our customers. We are one of the world leaders in providing tactical, semi-permanent and permanent solutions for camps in the military, civil security and NGO sectors. Our range of products extends from small 5m² individual tents to large 2000 person camp systems and allows for maximum versatility of use, deployed as field hospitals (COVID field hospital), portable insulation room for patients COVID-19, individual and mass decontamination systems, whole camp systems, CBRN collective protection facilities and mobile headquarters (COLPRO), negative pressure isolation room, etc.
UTILIS mobilizes its production equipment to support health structures in the context of Corona Virus.
We offer all associate services alongside our delivered products, from operational maintenance, deployment support staff, logistics and setup assistance.