The JCBRN Defence COE is a NATO military body and multi-nationally sponsored organization which offers recognized expertise and experience to the benefit of the Alliance and other partners. Its activities are focused on:

- NATO Transformation process
- Operational Support by providing a CBRN Defence advice and
- Support of CBRN Defence Education, Training and Exercises

JCBRN Defence COE Mission and Tasks:

- CBRN Concept and Doctrine Development
- Capabilities Development and Defence Planning
- Experimentation support
- Training, Exercise and Education
- CBRN Lesson Learned, Evaluation and Analysis
- CBRN Operation support
- CBRN Modeling and Simulation
- CBRN knowledge distribution to NATO community
- COE organized Courses, Workshops and Conferences
- Support others COEs and mutual cooperation among COEs
- Support the NATO Ballistic Missile Defence
- Support Partners in CBRN Defence on request
- Cooperation with EU