Federal Administration of Civil Protection (BiH)

Organization, preparation and functioning of civil protection, monitoring of civil protection preparations with proposing and taking measures for improvement of organization and strengthening of civil protection; issuing orders for use of the units, services, headquarters and commissioners of civil protection in enforcing measures of protection and rescuing; organization and monitoring of implementation of training for citizen's self-protection; organization and coordination of protection and rescuing measures; enactment of syllabus and programs for training of civil protection structures; proposing programs for collective independent exercises and preparation of elaborates for implementation of the civil protection exercises; implementation of de-mining programs and emergency interventions for unexploded ordnance disposal, rescuing of people injured in the mine fields, drafting regulations in the field of civil protection, international cooperation in civil protection affairs; proposing the plans and researching projects in the field of civil protection and monitoring their implementation; inspection supervisory activity in the field of civil protection, etc.