DST innovation GmbH

A new company has risen with well-known experts in CBRN protection with over 25 years of experience. Thilo Schuppler has assembled old and new colleagues to develop and deliver customised solutions for missions.
Our focus is on conception, development and designing, production / production support, documentation, delivery, and training. Our target groups are police, military, fire brigade, civil defence and other units involved in CBRN protection.
From small portable equipment to turn-key system integration for complex missions DST covers a large range of decontamination, protection, medical CBRN-protection, hazmat response vehicles, mobile laboratory solutions, protection shelters and containerized solutions.
We have recently supplied decontamination containers for fire services, containerized systems for military applications, kits and backpacks for tactical decontamination and medical treatment. We offer decontamination agents for various applications. We develop and supply for special operations forces as well as mass decontamination units for civil high-visibility events.