Cellcrypt – Secure Communication Partner

Cellcrypt is the next generation of secure, encrypted communications for mobile devices, Windows PCs and tablets. Combining the ease of use of a consumer messaging app with military-grade encryption, Cellcrypt enables secure voice and conference calling, instant messaging and file/document sharing between any Cellcrypt enabled device. Cellcrypt uses a unique double-layer end-to-end crypto scheme, with new session keys for each call and message, affording all users military-grade, secure communications.

Voice calls are fully encrypted end-to-end and are routed through the mobile device’s data connection. Cellcrypt’s adaptive voice codecs ensure low data and battery use, with no degradation of voice quality, and with full authentication to eliminate the risks of impersonation through Caller ID spoofing.

Cellcrypt’s Conference Calling is a cost-effective way to take the complication out of group calls. Make secure, encrypted conference calls whenever you want, from your mobile or desktop, leveraging your existing infrastructure for seamless, immediate collaboration.

Secure messages can be sent between smartphones, PCs and tablets while ensuring the privacy of conversations. Group messaging can also be set up at will and can be defined locally by the user or centrally by the organization with total security and control.

Cellcrypt allows users to securely share photos, videos, voice clips, documents and file attachments of any size, providing a secure alternative to unprotected email communications.

Cellcrypt provides Signal Obfuscation and true end-to-end Suite B grade cryptography (the NSA cryptographic standard for protecting US Classified information up to Top Secret) to protect against call interception and eavesdropping.
Messages and file transfers are also encrypted end-to-end to ensure privacy. Cellcrypt has been twice validated to the FIPS 140-2 standard, approved by the US National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST).