Blücher GmbH

Since its foundation by Hasso and Hubert von Blücher in 1969, the Blücher Group has maintained its high ethical and technological standards. The protection of life is central to all our activities. Blücher is the leading company in the development and production of adsorptive compound materials for the protection against chemical and biological warfare agents. In accordance with our tradition of innovative excellence, the entire value chain from raw materials to complex system solutions is covered by the company’s own development and production. SARATOGA®’s tailor-made solutions for protection against CB threats have made Blücher a world market leader in this field. The latest products are the results of ongoing developments. Lighter and stretchable materials broaden the range of protection integrating aerosol protection, reducing burden and increasing operational effectiveness. SARATOGA® technology is used by more than 53 nations with over 12 million SARATOGA® protective suits having been delivered to customers worldwide.