ASCE Venezia

The complexity of the global world, in rapid transformation, requires for all those who lead organizations, institutions, companies, intelligence, the ability to rapidly develop new strategies, manage and effectively evaluate future changes, even in their most unexpected and unpredictable forms.
ASCE is a private and independent center of excellence in the panorama of Italian high education, it cooperates with professionals, experts, and academics of recognized reputation and ability on the issues of internationalization, competition, information, and intelligence.
The consultancy and in-depth courses are particularly focused on the areas and markets of the Mediterranean, North Africa, Southeast Europe, Indo Pacific, India, USA, Russia, and China.
ASCE's activities include:
1. Information on request on the identified areas of interest,
2. Study days and insights into new value-added chains, penetration
of emerging foreign markets, international relations, corporate
repositioning and sales development.
3. Strategic consulting
4. Higher training courses
The study topics proposed by ASCE are developed and defined on the basis of the needs of individual organizations and businesses to respond to needs which, overcoming criteria and concepts related to
traditional training, is aimed at effectively achieving the set objectives.
In summary, the School's activity is essential to obtain the right and real information, relaunch and corporate restructuring, projections on foreign markets through intelligence and new technologies, vision, and increase in added value