NCT Virtual Hub
Pandemic Response and Preparedness

June 1 - Online
09:00AM - 12:30PM, US Eastern Time


Connecting the CBRNe Community


For the second NCT Virtual Hub our panelists will be addressing another CBRNe hot-topic: Pandemic Response and Preparedness ! Pandemics affect large populations and require a multifaceted as well as multi sectoral response in order to contain them. It’s crucial for the international community to be prepared and have the right strategies for responding to a pandemic on a national and subnational level. What’s adequate ? How can we prepare for the unknown? What mechanisms are in place? Lessons learned?

Get ready for a thought provoking morning/afternoon and join us online on Tuesday, 1 June 2021.

Based on the model of its famous NCT Events, the CBRNe Society will give the floor to high-level panelists during a virtual panel discussion moderated by BG (Ret.) William King, former commander of the US Army 20th CBRNE Command, and Ms. Anna Paternnosto, Vice President, CBRNe Society. In addition to the panel discussions, the virtual industry exhibition will showcase the newest technologies available to counter these threats and the networking areas will provide the opportunity to attendees to interact with each other.

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